216 Capital is leading an €850,000 round of investment for startup Cynoia

216 Capital is leading an €850,000 round of investment for startup Cynoia

The landscape of work has undergone significant transformations in recent years. Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions has emerged as a game-changer, becoming the go-to tools for businesses. There's a new value proposition for organizations as they streamline team collaboration, communication, and project management—making it the standard across various industries and professions.

Staying true to its status, 216 Capital is doubling down on its investments by fueling the global expansion of Cynoia.

Founded in 2022 by Nasreddine Riahi and Ayoub Rabeh, Cynoia is on a mission to simplify and optimize collaboration within companies. The platform consolidates a comprehensive suite of essential tools, encompassing everything from chat and video conferencing to email and calendar management, document handling, and project management—all neatly centralized in one place.

"What makes Cynoia stand out is its strategic positioning in the global market of high-performing collaboration tools. Their potential for international growth is further underscored by their robust team—a promising formula for future success," notes Dhekra Khelifi, partner at 216 Capital.

Since its launch, the startup has charted an exceptional trajectory, serving over 3,000 users across 9 different countries—a testament to the efficacy of its approach. This recent funding injection of €850,000, led by 216 Capital, United Gulf Financial Services, and Bpifrance, marks a pivotal milestone for the startup.

"Our focus is on continuous innovation and the integration of cutting-edge features to deliver an unmatched user experience. Additionally, we're keen on expanding our footprint globally, capitalizing on robust strategic partnerships," elaborates Ayoub Rabeh, co-founder of Cynoia.