216 Capital invests in AVIDEA, helping insurance companies improve customer experience and reduce fraud

216 Capital invests in AVIDEA, helping insurance companies improve customer experience and reduce fraud

AVIDEA, the Tunisian startup, announced today the successful conclusion of a Pre-Series A funding round, securing a notable investment of 2 million dinars from both Capsa Capital Partners and 216 CAPITAL.

This substantial funding injection will be strategically utilized for bolstering the team with fresh talents, expanding the functional capabilities of its products, and venturing into new markets. AVIDEA's current product offerings, namely DigiClaim and DigiFraud—dedicated to digitizing automobile claims and combating fraud, respectively—have not only been validated but are also actively in production with its client base.

With these achievements in place, the startup is now steering towards a pivotal phase of industrialization and internalization. Having been established in 2017, AVIDEA specializes in the digitization of automobile claims and anti-fraud measures. Its primary mission is to assist insurance companies in reducing the costs associated with automobile claims while simultaneously enhancing the overall user experience for their clients. Capsa Capital Partners (CCP), a subsidiary of the investment bank CAP Bank, stands out as an asset management company duly authorized by the CMF.

Established in 2012 by a team of seasoned investment bankers, CCP focuses on investments in unlisted companies and adeptly manages assets on behalf of third parties. The core mission of CCP is to provide essential funding and strategic resources to business leaders, aiding them in realizing their development and/or transmission projects.

On the other hand, 216 Capital, founded by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs, investors, and business creators, distinguishes itself as a venture capital firm with a keen focus on early-stage technology companies (startups). Helmed by an experienced team of international technology entrepreneurs and startup experts, 216 Capital strategically invests across diverse sectors. The firm is dedicated to supporting talented and resolute founders in Tunisia and beyond, particularly during the critical Pre-Seed and Seed stages of their ventures.